Yelp: The Prospects for the IPO?


Suddenly, the window for tech IPOs has opened up. Raed Malhas, founder and CEO and founder of "The team behind Yelp is its most valuable asset...." Adds Text-to-Speech System Called Bridget, Converts New Leads Into Audio Messages


We've definitely entered a new era of technology. Just ask iPhone's Siri when Elvis was born, or how to get to the nearest subway station...

How MiNeeds, a Local-Sevices Startup Run by Software Guys, Softened Up for Weddings


When the ex-Microsofties behind local services site MiNeeds thought about expanding their business, they got what seemed like weird advice...

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PC World named Mineeds as one of the top "Collaboration" services


Why we like it: Just post your "need" and then wait for bids to roll in. Compare offers, view each professional's credentials, and read reviews left by other customers.



Kiplinger mentioned Mineeds as one of 5 Sites That Help You Save Money


If you're looking for a contractor, lawyer, photographer or any service provider, you could get out the phone book and call every listing to get price quotes Gives Businesses a Head Start With Voice Updates


Keeping on your toes is important in business, since the first person to respond to a customer's need often has the advantage.

Mineeds mentioned in "6 Time-Savers" article


you post your job for free, then service pro the fessionals in your area submit bids—and you pick the best person at the right price.

Raed Malhas Talks Angie's List, Groupon. founder breaks down these two recent IPOs. Raed Malhas founded in late 2007, and launched the website in the summer of 2008. With the site, he created a platform that allows consumers to post jobs they need to get done, and contractors then bid on the work.

Wedding Fashion and Style Tips for 2012: What's "In", and What's "Out" From the Experts at


Your wedding day is the biggest day of your life, and everything has to be done up in proper style. But what's "In" today can be quickly "Out" tomorrow, and you don't want the bride left holding the bag with yesterday's looks.

MiNeeds Find My Needs

More than 50,000 professionals and services providers nationwide have registered on, the site that matches local vendors and businesses who bid on leads posted by local consumers.

Need local services for less? Try MiNeeds


MiNeeds is a personalized service shopping site that offers consumers a helpful way to shop for services such as legal help, contractors, wedding planners, photographers, and more but without the hassle of a phone book or non-objective site adds Text-to-Speech System

Now revolutionizes the way customers communicate with professionals with an innovative voice technology...

Santa Knows Which Cities Have the Cleanest Chimneys this Christmas, According to


It's Christmas weekend, and while many are wrapping gifts and doing last minute shopping drills, here at we were asked by Santa Claus to give him some smack on which cities have the cleanest chimneys.

MiNeeds Instantly Matches Consumers with Professionals

Designed to instantly match local professionals who bid on needs with consumers looking for services, aims to improve the process so that consumers don't have to initiate contact, negotiate costs or play phone tag, rather their new text-to-speech system alerts MiNeeds professionals to new inbound leads...

How to Start a Roofing Business 1-2-3


A quick way to start advertising your roofing services is to list your company on an online contractor's network, like With online networks, you can use their site traffic to your advantage, and you can get exposure and leads through the internet before you start up your own website.

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Site Helps Turn Skills Into Cash


The 5 million jobless Americans — and anyone else trying to make a few bucks on the side — may be interested in a few Seattle Web startups brokering short-term work...


Small Biz Resource Tip:


Here's another way to contact local customers and give them the products or services they need; register with

Finding Customers for a Computer Repair Business


I recently came across a question from an entrepreneur who had started a computer repair business that he operated from home and could repair his customers' computers at remote locations. adds Text-to-Speech System Called Bridget


When a customer posts a need on, Bridget will instantly alert the professional of a new potential customer.


Enterpreneur's Journey


Founder's Blog on Seattle Post Intelligencer...

How to make money online


Posting an ad offering a job to job seekers is absolutely free. Since there will of course be competition, getting a job won’t be so easy.

IT Business

Mineeds mentioned as one of the Collaboration Sites and Services


What it does: Connects you with local service professionals--from attorneys to house cleaners to wedding planners.

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Wedding Planning a Snap With is an incredible time saver, as I no longer have to spend 10 hours a day making calls to multiple vendors