Destiny Rae

Wichita , KS , United States 67204

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Destiny Rae

Wichita , KS 67204

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I love tasteful sexiness combined with beauty. I love being whom I am: Sexy, Playful, Happy, Passionate, Giving, Sensitive, Affectionate and so much more. Being in front of the camera is a true passion of mine. An eternal MUSE. I have done a wide variety of shoots from casual to artistic nude and plenty in between and have enjoyed them all. I am very easy to work with, not a diva. I don't mind working in some more unusual/slightly uncomfortable locations if it will help the shoot. I love modeling and everything it gives me in life; confidence, expression, glamour and art. I put a lot into my work and I am a firm believer that you will get back what you put in. I enjoy working with people who have the same mindset. I love to work and gi

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Rates:(I normally charge by the hour but this may vary depending on the assignment)

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George Taylor, Jr.

"Destiny Rae is one of the hottest models in the game today. If there is one person who will make it in the modeling world, that is Destiny Rae. with her style of playfulness, sensuality, and business savvy attire.... Destiny Rae creates a new vision for the modeling industry. If you ever want to work with a person who is is hard-working, determine, and agile to a "T", then you need to work with the best. Destiny Rae: the newest 21st century model of the future."

Jonathan with Gimmie Girl Productions

"She is extremely loyal and dependable. Her wit is often misunderstood, except for children who love her funniness and adore her. She is intelligent beyond the norm and loves meaningful talk, she couldn’t be bothered with gossip. Truly unique and her own person, she is one of a kind with a sense of mystery. Always thinking of others first, she doesn’t have an egotistical bone in her body. She’s the one that will steal your heart and the one that you will want to keep forever. She is loved and cherished by those who know her. She is stunning, a true classic beauty with unbelievable eyes and gorgeous hair. She is secretly lusted after by many and is completely oblivious to it. If you see her, you will turn your head.

Ruben OZ

"I do not personally know Destiny Rae, but right through her words is easy to say that she is an honest, sensitive, friendly, persistent and very cleaver person in his thoughts and business. I firmly agree that her goals she wants to achieve will be done quickly as far as being a published model. These qualities can be seen in every photo shoot that she does and every picture she shares via networking websites. She is a very talented girl and enjoys her work fully in front of the camera, and will always endeavor to have the best picture no matter the time, inconvenience of the time, and placed in any uncomfortable poses.

Jim Richard

“She is the consummate professional!! Destiny Rae is a joy to work with and extremely versatile. It was my honor to collaborate with you and giving you your own tear sheet in U’NiQ Magazine for the veterans.” – Jim Richard (Publisher and Editor of U’NiQ Magazine

Thomas Rausch

“I have the pleasure of knowing Destiny Rae for a while now. Her personality is that of a sweet lady from the Midwest that would do anything for you. Business wise it is very professional and wise. She has a determination that is unstoppable and sweet. I cannot think of anyone who is a true and loyal friend. She is always there if I need wise advice. She is such a beautiful lady both inside and out. Her modeling career is in full swing. She is very stylish and beautiful while being easy to work with. She is a true professional and is very helpful. She has a wide range of photos from all of her jobs and I always can't wait to see new shots. They are always terrific works of art. Surprisingly, she has no ego and is very down to earth.

Jason Talbott

"Destiny Rae has a an obvious passion that shows itself through professionalism. As a model she is bold and daring. She works very hard and is not afraid to push the limits with ideas. She has a lot to bring to the table with a photo shoot. She is experienced and easy to work with. She is also easy to communicate with when it comes to concepts or ideas. I hope to work with her again sometime." -Jason Talbott (Photographer)

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