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Do I Really Need Retouching On My Wedding Photos?

Written by: Zareth Acosta | February 21, 2012 12:49 PM in Photographers | 972 views | Tags: retouching , post-processing , professional photography , creative editing , photoshop ,

So now that you are engaged, you are probably very excited about planning the most important day of your life. As a bride to be, you realize that one of the most important aspects of your wedding planning is choosing a great photographer to capture that day. As you look through photographer's portfolios online, you start to notice that some photos look dull, untouched, and straight out of the camera. Some photos probably looked over exposed, others under exposed, etc. Some photographers manage to photograph the bride in the most embarrassing way, and put that photo in their online portfolio to catch your eye.You start to think: "wow, I can't believe a photographer would even put this online." Then you start to wonder if most photographers do this. Some photographers will tell you that the photos will look amazing straight out of the camera. Brides, don't believe that! No matter how clear, crisp, and colorful a photo might have been taken, it still needs some kind of retouching. Best case scenario: The photo has a good composition, it's colorful, it has contrast, it's crisp, yet the bride's face wasn't retouched. Not every bride has a perfect complexion. I'm sure that you would want a photographer that will help you look your best. I can't tell you how many photos I've seen where the bride had a little blemish on her skin that wasn't removed (like a pimple, sun mark, etc). Then they have that photo in a frame, enlarged, where everyone can see it in high resolution. Yes, it might be a great picture, but the blemish is visible and takes away from the beauty of it. Wouldn't it be nice if every photographer retouched a photo to make it look its best? Some photographers do retouch the photographs to perfection, but they make you pay for that service. The retouching is usually not included in their packages, and you have to purchase it separately. When I look through the photos I've taken, I retouch them to look the best they can. I take care of the bride, and I make her look her best. This way, when she looks at the photos in the future, she doesn't regret the decision of hiring a photographer who edited the photos.

Brides, don't understimate the power of post-processing. A creative eye can add visual interest to an okay-photograph. It's not only blemish removal. You can turn a photo in black and white to show more emotion, add saturation to a dull photo, crop a photo for better composition, add contrast, add brightness, etc. Don't settle for average photos, when you can get amazing, vibrant photos. If you don't get any editing, you will probably regret it later on. 

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