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Established in 1997, our friendly and accessible office is located on the ground floor of the 1940 Building, just 10 blocks north of Overlake Hospital, in Bellevue. We have treated people from over 40 different countries, and recognize the impact different cultures have on the rehab process. We speak multiple languages and have interpreters available if needed. We are experts in treating pain. After a thorough assessment we discuss the findings with you and plan treatment that will fit your needs and schedule. We provide care in a personal and compassionate style. We do so in a way that is respectful and professional. We work closely with your insurance to maximize your coverage and streamline the paperwork process.

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Work Injury, Walk/Run Injury Prevention, Post-Operative Knee Rehabilitation, Post-Operative Hip Rehabilitation, Post-Operative Spinal Rehabilitation, Post-Operative Shoulder, Injury & Surgery Rehabilitation , Arthritis, Migraines & Headaches, Neck Pain / Back Pain / Lower Back Pain / Upper Back Pain, Spinal Trauma / Spine, Dizziness

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Headaches, neck and back pain are common even after a minor car accident. The accident force is often transferred to the occupants, resulting in muscle and joint strains. Physical therapy is very effectively used to treat MVA pain. Our physical therapists will help you recover and return to your pre-accident life and activities.

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Work-related injuries not only cause pain, but often limit your ability to work and earn your living. Physical therapy can help you recover from the injury and prepare you to return to work, stronger and less likely to be re-injured.

Chronic wounds


If you have a wound that hasn't healed within 30 days, it is a chronic wound. The longer a wound persists, the more difficult it is to heal. Our wound clinic is the only clinic on the Eastside, and the only free-standing outpatient clinic in western Washington. We teach at the University of Washington School of Medicine and consult with many facilities in King and Snohomish counties.



Arthritis is a chronic disabling condition effecting millions of people. Physical therapy can help you reduce pain and inflammation; improve strength and mobility and the quality of your life. We can help you take control of your life and comfort.

Balance and Dizziness


1 in 4 people over the age of 65 will fall at home next year. Some of these people will be lucky, while others will break a bone and require surgery. By addressing the most common causes of falls. Your Physical Therapist can help before a fall happens can help before a fall happens as well as preventing a second fall.

Stroke and Brain Injury


People who have suffered a brain injury from stroke, surgery or trauma can have difficulty with coordination, balance, speaking and understanding what others say. Physical therapy is very effective when re-learning how to control your muscles. Improving your muscle control can help improve your standing balance, walking, coordination and independence.

Post-Surgical Rehab


Recovering from surgery can be a difficult task. Post-surgical pain and weakness requires concentrated effort to address. Physical Therapy works to decrease your pain, while increasing your ability to do your daily activities. Returning to normal is much faster and more comfortable with a Physical Therapist helping you.

Sports Injuries


Injured athletes require a clear understanding of their physical demands of the sport. Our skilled physical therapists provide our athletes with specific education about their injury and intensive rehabilitation training. This speeds their healing and gets them back into shape quickly and safely.

Sports Preparation


Interscholastic, intercollegiate and adult athletes who prepare for their competitions correctly, perform better and suffer fewer injuries. Pre-season preparation helps identify weak areas and allows the athlete the chance to address them before they turn into injuries. Our skilled Physical Therapists perform a thorough assessment and teach you what to do to be at top form for your season.

Ergonomic Rehabilitation


Repetitive strain syndrome is the 2nd most common cause of work-related injury. Pain is more common in the "office worker" than in the construction industry. This is due to the cumulative impact of improper working positions over a long period of time. Our Physical Therapists are very successful healing your strains, reducing your pain, and teaching you how to adjust your work to avoid re-injury.

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