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What Constitute Police Brutality In Texas

Written by: Edgardo Baez | January 12, 2011 1:28 PM in Lawyers | 2002 views | Tags: san antonio , lawyer , attorney , personal injury , police brutality , injury case , compensation for injuries

When you are stopped by the police, it is imperative that you act accordingly in order to minimize your exposure to police use of excessive force; however, police brutality is an real threat to many innocent people. The reason for this is the Force Continum that gives police officers the power to use force. These are some of the questions that a competent lawyer will have to answer before a case can be filed.
Did the police use excesive force?

To determine whether excessive force has been used, it is based on the totality of the circumstances. The police is only allowed to use reasonable force for a particular situation.

Have your constitutional rights been violated?

Most police brutality case are covered by federal law and constitutional law. Contact a qualify attorney capable of handling this type of cases.

When a lawyer answers both in the affirmative, a case of police brutality or excesive force can be filed in Federal Court.

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