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Seattle WA, 98145
Seattle Rugby Football Club has grown from its early days of hacking about in the mud around Green Lake to become one of the most respected rugby clubs in the country. Now in its 40th season, SRFC has built a name for itself locally, nationally and internationally. The Seattle Men are one of the top teams in the nation, with the women ranked in the top 10 in the entire United States. Seattle RFC has the Pacific Northwest's most dominant women's and men's teams under one roof. With a combined 50-year tradition of excellence on and off the field, SRFC is the Northwest's largest and most competitive ... more
Seattle WA, 98122
We want you to join us, and experience our hospitality! Founded in 1969, the Border Riders Motorcycle Club provides social and educational opportunities for members and other gay men interested in recreational motorcycle touring. Most rides and events are open to all legally licensed and insured motorcyclists who wish to participate. Our Club encompasses all motorcycle makes and styles, and must be capable of freeway speeds. The commonality that binds us is the love of motorcycling and the enjoyment that comes from touring some of the best roads for biking in Canada and the USA—all in a spirit ... more
Seattle WA, 98119
Would you like to be a stronger player? Do you think you wouldd be a better basketball player if you just had more speed and quickness? Could having greater agility and footwork improve your on-court abilities? Jasen Baskett (below), the founder of Emerald City, and all of our coaches and trainers can provide this type of training. You can start training anytime and our staff will get you started. We are also available for custom training sessions for larger groups /teams. If you have a need, we have the staff to help. more
Seattle WA, 98122
To provide a structured environment that is positive, athletic and disciplined. We believe that today's children need the surroundings of good mentors and caring individuals that up lift our youth into adulthood. Life lessons start in our homes & neighborhoods and should be echoed through our basketball programs. The values that are important in our homes are equally important on the basketball court. The Seattle's Best Academy understands this game has much more to teach our children than playing with a basketball. more
Seattle WA, 98144
We believe that people can achieve incredible things given the right mix of encouragement, opportunity, and accomplishment. Given a safe environment people can, and eventually will explore and express parts of their personalities that either they had tucked away or never knew existed. We understand that every person learns at a different rate and everyone has different goals. We believe that a child should be allowed to and encouraged to learn respect for others by learning to have respect for him/herself. We believe that this lesson can be taught by being exposed to challenges and good coaching ... more
Seattle WA, 98144
The Budokan Dojo was founded in 1968 and has taught judo in the Seattle International District for over 33 years. There are approximately 50 practicing members, half of which are black belts. The Olympic sport of Kodokan Judo is taught. Judo (The Gentle Way) was developed in Japan by Jigoro Kano in 1882. Kano deried Judo's techniques from the ancient martial art called Jujitsu. Kano maintained Jujitsu's best techniques consisting of throws, ground grappling, armlocks and chokes. The techniques thus enable students to practice with full effort with limited risk of injury. more
Seattle WA, 98112
Veneziano Sensei's approach to her training has always been committed passion. She endeavors to pursue Aikido as a path of personal growth. Her teaching style combines warmth and humor with serious physical practice. She is a dedicated teacher and practitioner who has inspired many to undertake the art of Aikido. Veneziano Sensei takes to heart O Sensei's teaching and applies the art of peace with joy and vigor. more
Seattle WA, 98102
My business and my passion are about educating women to deal with scary, threatening and difficult situations. I offer classes, one-to-one coaching and many free services available online. I work within your budget and your time frame. Self-defense of course offers guidelines for confronting situations you hope never to see. But even if you never face a physical test, you will most likely feel stronger in all parts of your life. Dealing with challenges on the job, in your home and in your social life will feel easier and more comfortable. Self defense is part of an overall strategy for living safely, ... more
Seattle WA, 98119
Fifth River provides a strong presence for Poekoelan Tjimindie Tulen in Seattle by offering premium programs in an inclusive and open community environment focused on martial arts, fitness and wellness. Premium:We uphold a school reputation of strength, integrity, dedication and sharing.We offer instruction of the highest quality to provide our students with consistently extraordinary experiences. Inclusive: We maintain a space where people of all ages and physical abilities feel comfortable and challenged. Open: Approachable instructors welcome new students and are always available to provide ... more
Seattle WA, 98134
At Gracie Barra Seattle, the practice of Jiu-Jitsu is seen as a path of personal development, and our Kid’s Jiu-Jitsu class emphasizes the development of confidence, self-discipline, perseverance, and physical health, all while learning a functional self-defense system in a fun environment. We recognize that each child learns differently. We will help them set their own unique goals that they can achieve by meeting small, incremental challenges at their own pace. By tracking their own real, measurable progress, they will develop true self-confidence. more
Seattle WA, 98107
We are one of the oldest martial arts schools in Washington State. Our school offers a revolutionary martial arts and fitness program that is practical, easy to learn, and fun! We offer specialized classes for all ages--men, women, and children. Our highly trained masters and instructors have been personally trained and are supervised by our Founder, Grand Master H.T. Yun. Our program will make you fit both mentally and physically. Our unique children's program will help your children develop more confidence, instill self discipline, and increase respect. We invite you to take a closer ... more
Seattle WA, 98103
A non-profit educational organization dedicated to realizing human potential through the study and appreciation of Japanese martial arts. In Budo, the main goal remains the conquering of self: overcoming our physical, mental, and spiritual limitations by ceaseless effort and self-discipline. In this manner, all individuals regardless of gender, age, race, physical strength, or experience, benefit from Budo arts in the achievement of the individual's strongest natural state, or full human potential. The ultimate goal of Budo is the development of a strong citizenry, and the evolution of one human ... more
Seattle WA, 98117
The Washington Karate Association is dedicated to cultivating the individual excellence of each of its students. This is achieved through the process of instruction in Karate-Do. Herein the students learn skills and values necessary to develop their personal best, so that they will approach life with courage, confidence, and the will to prevail. more
Seattle WA, 98144
Training at the Feminist Karate Union emphasizes the following: # Teaching women and children self-defense and fighting skills to arm them against the ever-present threat of violence in our culture. # Offering an opportunity to compete in sport karate for women. This includes a commitment as an organization to strengthening the image of women in sport karate. # Using karate as a means for women and children to develop physical fitness, confidence, and pride in their bodies. # Maintaining the traditions of the art and integrating them into practice and character. more
Seattle WA, 98115
Located in Seattle, Washington Alpha Martial Arts is dedicated to helping people improve their lives through martial arts. We are a Black Belt School developing students that are not only physically fit and can defend themselves, but who are, most importantly, outstanding members of the community. We achieve this by teaching life skills through blocking, punching and kicking. Our integrated Powerful Words character development program builds respect, self-confidence and social skills. Our outstanding martial arts program provides life-long fitness and teaches incredibly effective self defense skills. ... more
Seattle WA, 98101
Jet Skis Ahoy, LLC is a family owned and operated watercraft rental business located on the beautiful Chelan Lake, WA since 2003. We offer a large selection of boats, jet skis and kayaks available for rent any day of the week. Whether you would like to rent a jet ski for a couple hours or a party boat for the entire day, contact us today! more
Seattle WA, 98126
We believe in giving youth the tools, skills, and training to succeed on and off the basketball court. We teach and offer speed, strength and agility training as well as the fundamentals of basketball to polish up their game. We also teach kids the importance of having 4 main priorities in their life which is: God, Family, School, and basketball in that order. We hope to give kids the tools to play at the next level no matter what that may be. more
Seattle WA, 98103
Seido Juku Karate teaches a traditional Japanese style of Karate-Do. The school was founded by Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura in New York City in 1976, and has branches all over the United States and abroad. Seido Karate emphasizes personal development and meditation in a graded series of promotions of increasing skill and complexity. Seido karate holds that individual self-improvement is the most important goal and that this should be approached from the physical as well as the mental and emotional side. Since it is not our exclusive purpose to train fighters, students of any age and physical condition ... more
Seattle WA, 98109