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Seattle WA, 98104
From-The-Heart-Pottery features handbuilt ceramic art. Each piece is one of a kind and features both glazed and oxide finishes.Finishing ceramic art can be most difficult and frustrating to the artist. This second firing is at very high temperature; anything can happen and often does. Many times happy 'accidents' present new ideas to the artist. more
Seattle WA, 98112
My Lidded Vessel Series embodies movement, balance and caricature. Feeling my way through the shapes I explore the exaggerated, circus-like nature of toys, odd characters, flora, fauna and anything that exudes both poise and precariousness. more
Seattle WA, 98109
The mission of Pottery Northwest is to develop and promote excellence in the ceramic arts. Pottery Northwest's goal is to provide a professional facility in an educational atmosphere for the enhancement of skills in the medium of clay. This is achieved by providing studio space, classes, professional workshops, lectures, community programs, and a gallery dedicated to the sale and exhibition of ceramic works. more
Seattle WA, 98122
Surface treatment and form blend in my pieces to the point that I blur the working distinction between clay and glaze. In the past glazing was almost all that mattered in my pots, and while it still dominates in my newer efforts I find I am now experimenting more with formal elements. It was always only incidental that my plates were food friendly. I only made them to have a surface to glaze and I think people bought them as much to look at as to eat off of. more
Seattle WA, 98103
Handpainted Bath sinks from Schultz Pottery are designed to add a personal statement to your bath. Since each one is made and decorated by master craftsmen, you can be assured of a product that will provide years of use and enjoyment. By using the exclusive 'custom order' system available from Schultz Pottery or your dealer, you can design a sink to fit your personal needs. more
Seattle WA, 98105
My ceramic work is inspired by nature and natural forms. In some of my work I like to explore different textures and the contrast between the bare clay and glazed surfaces. I am also inspired by ancient art and by the indigenous cultures of the Middle East, India and Africa. more
Seattle WA, 98104
One of the largest vintage pottery shops in America, specializing in discontinued and collectible American dinnerware and art pottery. You will find a broad selection of 20th century art pottery and a vast assortment of collectible American dinnerware patterns. Laguna also carries the full line of contemporary Heath ceramics.LAGUNA has an inventory that includes all major American design styles of the 20th century: Mission / Arts and Crafts, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, California Modern, Mid Century Modern and beyond. LAGUNA concentrates on exceptional quality, perfect condition. more
Seattle WA, 98102
I am an artist who changes and grows. I take opportunities in the clay community that may draw me down diffferent ways of working or firing. The gallery pages are organized to diplay current pottery and scuplture grouped by kilns and firings.Currently I am mainly focused on producing work with my gas reduction kiln . Although I am taking workshop opportunities for wood firing and soda firing. more
Seattle WA, 98104
Indonesia is a Nation rich in history and artistry. Sasak Gallery, named for the Sasak people of Lombok, Indonesia, is very proud of the fine lines of handcrafts we have found and imported from Lombok, the Indonesian island directly east of Bali. We specialize in Sasak pottery crafted by the women of Lombok, an island east of Bali, Indonesia. Also in our Indonesian collection, we've found palm leaf and palm bark boxes, Ikat fabrics and ceremonial cloths, wood carved fabric hangers, boxes, baskets, and accent furniture. Our European collection includes contemporary pieces from France, the Czech ... more
Seattle WA, 98103
When I discovered low-fire clay and glazes, a new world opened up after years on the wheel working with stoneware and porcelain. The clay is forgiving and pliable, the colors bright and the lines sharp. My painting could be as crisp and rich, my shapes loopy and over-extended every day is more fun and still full of discovery. more
Seattle WA, 98144
People come to my studio to see my work and to purchase what they like. I prefer this simple way to show and sell my works. more
Seattle WA, 98124
The Washington Potter's Association was started in 1983 by 12 individuals with the purpose of promoting better communication among potters throughout the state.Membership is open to all who work with clay, and has grown from the original dozen to more than 250. The variety of people, level of skill and methods of working with clay make this an exciting group! more
Seattle WA, 98134
Herban Pottery & Patio is Seattle's leading design store for garden pottery and patio furniture.With exceptional product selection, superior customer service, and a diverse assemblage of functional art, all within a cavernous historic warehouse building in the SODO District in Seattle, Herban Pottery & Patio has achieved an unparalleled garden shopping experience. more
Seattle WA, 98101
Not much needs to be said about Mexico and its long tradition of wonderful pottery. We carry Talavera, Oaxacan Black Pottery, Mayan and Aztec reproductions and whatever else we find in our travels.Many pieces come in other sizes, colors or other variations.Our love for folk art is drawn to the uninhibited use of color, creativity and sense of humor unique to Mexico's artisans. We travel to Mexico, driving by truck, village to village, in search of new interesting pieces. Milagros Mexican Folk Art offers an extensive selection of whimsical and collectible works of art by several of Mexico's most ... more
Seattle WA, 98101
Welcome to the Gordon Pottery site, home of David Gordon's handthrown horsehair pottery creations. While here, you can see and read about this fascinating style of ceramic art work and find out where you can purchase these unique gifts and accent pieces. My understanding is that horsehair pottery was first made as the result of an accident by an Acoma Pueblo potter as she bent over to remove a hot piece of pottery from the kiln. Her hair fell against it and burned, leaving a carbon trail on the clay surface. more
Seattle WA, 98134
Old World craftmanship will attain new meaning when you see our pottery. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted and fired in a wood burning kiln for three days. Our unique high fired pottery radiates warmth and character.Our mission is to promote the appreciation and preservation of this one-of-a-kind traditional style handcrafted Vietnamese ceramic artwork. The handcrafted pottery artwork at Pottery Time is unique as no two pots will ever look exactly the same. Each and every pot is a true work-of-art-not a "sterile and lifeless" mass produced factory copy. more
Seattle WA, 98122
We offer an extensive collection of terra cotta and stoneware from Italy, Vietnam, and China. Our inventory reflects our commitment to providing our clients with a wide variety of the highest quality pottery. We'd like to invite you to visit us at our Capitol Hill showroom in Seattle, Washington, anytime you're in the neighborhood. more
Seattle WA, 98101