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Google Places - Are You Listed?

Written by: Shawn Tooley | May 27, 2010 11:44 AM in Graphic Design | 1132 views | Tags: QR Codes , small business , advertising , google , marketing

Making yourself accessible and allowing for 'Googlers' to find you quickly and easily just got simpler! The folks over at Google have introduced Google Places, complete with QR codes, (read my article about QR codes) a one-stop resource for listing your business on the web. Below are the features taken directly from Google's site.

  • Businesses unlock their free business listing with Google Places, allowing them to enhance the content of their listings with photos, correct hours, coupons and more. This also tells Google that the business' location is correct, so we can send a window decal if the business is popular enough.
  • People search for local businesses on Google.com and Google Maps, more than anywhere else.
  • Google identifies the most popular local businesses based on how many Google users looked for more information about a business, looked for driving directions to the business, and more. Business owners can get this data about their business after they claim their free listing at google.com/lbc.

The best part is - Google is sending out FREE WINDOW DECALS to businesses that meet their criteria. This decal will include your QR code on it so that you can place it in your window and your cutomers can quickly add you to their phone, finding you online and saving your information for future reference.

With Smartphones increasing in popularity and more people making the switch to social media marketing - this would be a great first step in getting your business listed and a QR code established for your business.


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