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Miami FL, 33101
ProMotion Therapy was founded in 2003 with one goal in mind: To take massage to the people wherever they may be. With our Chair Massage program, ProMotion Therapy provides workplace relaxation and stress management massage services for employees and office staff in the corporate setting and at special events nationwide. more
Miami FL, 33101
Interestingly enough, the concept behind Love Life Massage began to form long before Nicholas ever considered a career in massage therapy. The passion to help people connect with themselves and begin healing stemmed from Nicholas’ struggle with moodiness and ADHD early in life. Perceiving his struggles as an imbalance of his spirit, Nicholas actively sought methods to make himself happier. He happened upon the tapping method which gave him insight into the healing power of touch. more
Miami FL, 33143
This is a style of massage therapy derived from acupuncture. Shiatsu means, "finger pressure". With this method, rhythmic pressure is applies to points located on the Acupuncture Channels. The channels are located on various parts of the body and are associated with specific organs. Applying pressure to these points helps stimulate energy (Qi) and blood flow throughout the entire body. It can be utilized for stress relief, pain, injury, low energy, lymphatic drainage or as preventive therapy in maintaining health. One can expect to feel VERY relaxed after a session of Shiatsu Massage. more
Miami FL, 33101
Inspired by the ancient cultures and Chinese medicine approach, with an understanding that each person is a unique combination of the five “elements” [fire, metal, earth, water, wood] with individual needs at different times and that in order to support “homeostasis + balance [from the Greek Homeo= same, stasis = state] it is not only sufficient to maintain a healthy diet and exercise, but we must also incorporate massages and a beauty regime into our lifestyles.- more
Miami FL, 33180
2006 Press Release-click here to read 2007 Press Release-Click here to read 2007 Voted Best Colonic by the Miami New Times 2008 Voted Best Spa Readers Poll by the Miami New Times 2008 Voted Best Miami Colonic and Best Miami Massage From the Miami SunPost- Testimonials for FeelTheHeal 2008 Natural Awakenings more
Miami FL, 33134
Camelot Salon & Spa is the premier location to get entirely pampered in South Florida. Located in charming Coral Gables, our Salon & Spa features a perfect blend of cutting-edge professional stylist & colorist, a beautifully modern environment with a highly trained friendly staff to offer the most advanced spa services available. more
Miami FL, 33138
We believe that healing YOU is something that only YOUR mind and body can do. All that we are is facilitators for this healing. The main way that we assist you in your healing process is by coaxing your mind and body to "Let Go" of your tension, restrictions, and/or pain. We've learned that the two most powerful tools at our disposal in any therapy session, are your mind and your breath, so while we use our hands to stretch and massage your muscles, we'll also coach you in a tranquil voice to take long deep breaths, and use the incredible power of your mind to relax your body. In this way, ... more
Miami FL, 33130
Professional licensed massage therapists dispatched to your home in South Florida, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, Sarasota and other areas. We perform therapeutic massage through auto insurance (PIP), workers compensation and other injury-related insurance plans. Services also available on a cash basis, including table and chair massage. more
Miami FL, 33145
Oriental massage by professional massage therapists. Oriental Mysterious Massage has been providing great service since 1999. Call us now 786-360-5887 or visit us at Oriental Mysterious Massage more
Miami FL, 33157
Oriental massage by professional massage therapists. Oriental Mysterious Massage has been providing great service since 1999. Call us now 305-278-0818 or visit us at Oriental Mysterious Massage more
Miami FL, 33130
I am a certified massage therapist in Miami Fl providing a wide range of therapeutic massage services. I believe the body is important and use organic products to ensure a holistic experience to invigorate my clients. Body treatments at Diana Anna Spot are delivered with organic oils that re hydrate the skin, never leaving an oily residue. My goal is your relaxation and restoration. more
Miami FL, 33137
Miami FL, 33157
Miami FL, 33176
Miami FL, 33142
Miami FL, 33234