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Direct Mail Marketing

Written by: Micah Raskin | July 9, 2011 7:27 AM in Marketing & Advertising | 666 views | Tags: direct marketing , Business Marketing , Direct Marketing , Email Marketing , Event Marketing , Internet Marketing , Market Analysis , Media Marketing , Multilevel Marketing , Network Marketing , PR Marketing , Promotional Marketing , Viral Marketing

For over 25 years, the expert list advisers at List Service Direct Inc.have been helping businesses just like yours exceed their goals in Direct Mail Marketing. With the World’s Largest Consumer Database, consisting of over 120 million households, over 220 million Individuals and our equally impressive Business Database consisting of over 15 million U.S. Businesses. We are also the Only Premier Source of Ethnic and Religious Information in the United States today.

LSDI is the Premier Source of Traditional Consumer and Business Mailing Lists, New Residents, Lifestyle Change Mailing Lists, List Brokerage, Businesses, Professionals & Executives, Ethnic & Religious Ultra Wealthy, List Management and Database Enhancement Services for over 25yrs.

LSDI has an unlimited range of selects and purchasing habits available to target the Perfect Mailing List for your exact needs. We also offer state-of-the-art consumer profiling and market segmentation products that allow you to select only the most active and impulsive buyers in your industry.

LSDI brings a wealth of experience and expertise from a wide range of professional disciplines. Your mailing list should Target Your Ideal Customer. You can be certain With over twenty-five years of experience and advanced expertise, LSDI's staff is friendly, professional and dedicated to helping you build the perfect mailing list that will generate the maximum results from your marketing campaign. "If You Have a Need, We Have the Lead"

Some of our clients include: J.C. Penney, Pan Asia Bank, Liberty Travel, Homeland Authentics, Paine Webber, International Database Marketing, Oblate Missions, NAACP/Legal Defense Fund, Merrill Lynch, Christian Coalition, Salvation Army, Catholic Indian Mission, Prudential Securities, Young Americans for Christ, K-Mart, Catholic Digest Magazine, Sprint, United Way of Santa Barbara, First Consumers National Bank, China American Insurance Co., AT&T, Rodale Press Inc., World Jewish Congress, Royal Prestige, Primus Communications, American Bible Society,  Holocaust Museum, First Union National Bank, Metropolitan Life, Amnesty International, Sloan Kettering Hospital, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Japanese National Museum, Citicorp/Citibank Foundation, Hadassah, BMG Entertainment, United Negro College Fund, Fingerhut, Korean Air, CIBC, Oppenheimer, African Charter Tours,

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