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Painting With Light

Written by: ian chin | January 12, 2010 9:19 PM in Photographers | 1319 views | Tags: photography , paint with light , nighttime settings , dark room , bulb , tripod , shutter , cable release , photo tricks , fun tips

I fun way to experiment with photography is to paint with light - typically in a dark nighttime setting with camera on a tripod, light source to paint with (flashlight), and a cable release for the camera to avoid camera shake.

No matter what the scene is, as long as the shutter is open (ideally at least 1 sec-infinity), the camera will record whatever light is "painted" in the viewfinder.

For example, if you set up the tripod in a pitch dark room and leave it open for 10 seconds - any light you use (flashlight) will be recorded on the memory.  It is a trial and error to get the best exposure, so patience and time are essential.  If you are facing the camera at a wall in a dark room, then press the shutter to take the photo, you can "paint" with your flashlight (or whatever light you use) to make shapes, letters, numbers, etc.  Keep in mind, any and every light hitting that wall will be recorded on the camera...so if you are trying to write "i," remember to turn off the flashlight when you want to dot it, otherwise it will like simply like "l."

Combining flash with a long exposure can sometimes create really unique photos...but a simple flashlight can open eyes nevertheless.

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