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Don'T Use Craigslist For Handyman Services

Written by: ian chin | November 20, 2009 1:07 AM in Home & Garden Services | 1628 views | Tags: roofing , tiling , painting , workers , craigslist , carpenter , plumber , handyman , gardener

Perhaps will get some flack for this, but a lot of the "Handymen" on Craigslist are really non-professionals...

I am a property manager for 54 units and when I first started, I needed to outsource and find the right people for certain jobs...100% of the people I found on CL for handyman services worked 90% hard.  Like most people I didn't know any better and knew CL had everything (which it does I love the website).

Rather going to CL and emailing/calling a random person who says they do everything, know everything, are cheap, etc...go to :


It is a points and rating system for most services you will find on CL.  For example, you can look up a plumber, and a list of names and photos pop up...info regarding rates, location, previous experience, etc all show on the page.  People who have used this Joe the Plumber can rate the person and explain why...so you can say, "5 out of 5 stars is good!  Hey, I can use him!" as opposed to a random on CL...

Lot of jokes on CL in my experience...never again will I get someone from there - I've gotten people to do gardening, tiling floors and bathrooms, granite work, cabinetry, and painting top of my head...and many of them left giving me a bitter taste in my mouth.

Plus, CL is known for FLAKES!!!!!

If that happens, rate them a 0 out of 5 and explain why! Oh wait, you can't rate anyone on CL so the next person won't know they suck...

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