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Tree Removals (Safely)

Written by: Michael Lowrie | June 17, 2009 8:37 PM in Home & Garden Services | 486 views | Tags: Tree Service / Removal / Trimming / Planting

Hello to all those who will read this.

when you are looking for a painter to paint your house you don't call an electrician to do the job.

The same holds true to a TREE SERVICE vs. a LANDSCAPING Business.

Tree Removal is a hazardous job that requires both skill/knowledge as well as experience with the removal of trees vs. grass or bushes.

A lot of landscaping companies are suddenly riding on the tails of reputable tree companies, be Leary of them if they don't have insurance a license or are not bonded.

Please don't take this wrong as i am sure there are landscaping companies out there that also do tree removals, I wish all of us who struggle to keep a business running well the very best of luck.


for more info or to get questions answered.

email me at etcllc1@live.com


Mike (owner)Smile

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