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Written by: Michael Lowrie | January 11, 2010 4:38 PM in Home & Garden Services | 470 views | Tags: Tree Service / Removal / Trimming / Planting

I wanted to let everyone know a few tips on tree companies to ensure you are working with a reputable / legal company.

Must be Licensed and Bonded (a contractors lic.) WA state requirements.

should carry insurance. (for your and their safety)

A reputable company will not ask for $ before the job is done. (beware of companies that ask for $ before completion of your needs, we finish alot of jobs others have started)

A reputable company will answer your questions and make sure you understand their answers.

A reputable company will work with you to save your trees (If health of tree is worthy)

Above all a reputable company will stand behind their work and create a working friendship with you to create a beginning and lasting TRUST.


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