Dario's Statuary and Fountain

4306 Fremont Avenue North Seattle , WA , United States 98103

About mi Business

Dario's Statuary is a family-owned business dedicated to supplying independent nurseries and garden centers with an extensive line of garden statuary both affordable and long-lasting. To this end, we have spent over 25 years providing our clients with free hands-on delivery and sales to a limited territory specifically, the greater Pacific Northwest. Limiting our range allows us the added pleasure of providing you and your valued customers with a full guarantee of our products no questions asked! With our personalized sales and delivery policy, we are better able to monitor and cater to your individual and specific needs. We believe these added personal touches provide you with a quality of service unsurpassed in

Services Provided & Rates

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French Copper Brown


Finally, a cement coating that truly withstands the severe elements of our Northwest climates. This finish varies greatly in tone, both upon application and during differing weather conditions. Always beautiful and everlasting ... particularly on those rare days of rain!

French Copper Green


Similar to French Copper Brown in its attributes, French Copper Green resembles the patina copper acquires over time.



A rich, dusty gray finish with white highlighting to enhance the detail, giving the effect of chalk pastels. Available on all items except Fountains and Birdbaths.



Same process as gray, but with a tan base. Again, gives a chalk pastel effect. Available on all items except Fountains and Birdbaths.

Antique Jade


One of our newest finishes, Antique Jade has a faint green cast and gives an antique effect, giving receding areas a darker appearance than surface areas.



A white cement finish that still retains the look of natural cement. Formal in appearance, this is our trademark finish. It consists of cement, water, and quality exterior latex paint. It can be reapplied over the years to keep your statuary fresh and new.