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Written by: Jeffrey Hartman | June 17, 2009 7:27 PM in Web Designers & Computer Services | 853 views | Tags: landing pages , conversion tracking , Conversion testing , web analytics


Web Analytics

Conversion Tracking

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Website, Web Analytics, and Conversion Tracking

Your website is a main way of gaining profits and attracting customers. For this reason, we offer concise and diligent monitoring of your website to ensure that it is working well and achieving the goals of your business. Web Analytics is a report we can compose which will statistically demonstrate how your website is performing so that it can be made clear what is working well and what is not. Landing pages, which are the pages clients are brought to from search engines, can be specifically tracked using conversion tracking. Conversion tracking will compile valuable information about two separate landing pages, giving your business the power and knowledge to know which landing page may need more work, and which one your business may want to invest more money in if it is performing exceedingly well. Information we gather using your website’s web analytics and conversion tracking can be used in a beneficial way that will increase the overall performance of your website and help your company sell more and gain better, quality exposure.


Jeffrey Hartman - Bluewater Marketing Group


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