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Landing Pages Are A Good Way To Create Leads

Written by: Jeffrey Hartman | October 15, 2009 3:20 AM in Marketing & Advertising | 4 comments | 957 views | Tags: landing pages , seo , marketing , website design , internet marketing , sem

Landing Pages (Mini websites)

Another effective method in building your web presence is to create landing pages or mini websites.  Landing pages will help in two ways; first, to focus on a specific product or service with a promotion or unique call to action; then secondly by targeting specific keywords or key phases.  Search engines will give higher relevancy to web pages that are focused on specific keywords. 


A great example with Google uses the key phrase “website design, new brunswick”.  Out of 1,850,000 searches “Award-Winning Web Design…” is listed as the first listing in the organic search area.  This is not paid advertising and is based on the search relevancy only. This is a landing page (mini website) with a separate domain (.com) from the main website (bluewatermarketinggroup.com). 


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By , Wed Jul 29 2009, 4:34
Great information, something that I would have never thought of myself. I'll definitely have to give that a try. Thanks so much for the helpful hint! -Luis http://quintinphotography.com
By , Wed Aug 12 2009, 12:40
Great info. Well said...
By , Sat Oct 03 2009, 20:19
Good Info
By , Fri Oct 16 2009, 19:14
The specific purpose of a landing page is to get your website visitor to take the next step. Help maximize your landing page by adding a buy now button, some testimonial copy or product review content and an image of your product. It also helps to keep any other copy on your landing page brief--focus benefits and include keywords that resonate with your target audience.

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