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Hiring An Independent PPC Consultant Saves You Time And Money.

Written by: Jeffrey Hartman | October 15, 2009 1:14 PM in Marketing & Advertising | 1356 views | Tags: SEM , PPC , Search Engine Marketing , Internet advertising , seo

Hiring an Independent PPC Consultant Saves You Time and Money.

Pay-per-click (PPC) for local businesses is important for a successful marketing effort. Your customers and prospects are moving away from printed directories since it is easier to go online to find the products and service they need.  Search engines are an important resource for bringing in leads and new customers.  Most search engine companies offer starter programs and a consultant to help you.


The problem is that they work for a specific search company and usually just use the company’s software recommendation for keywords and search terms. You start out with fifty or more key phrases and most of those key phrases are not right for your company. Hundred or thousands of dollars are wasted before you discover the dozen or so key phrases that will produce the best return of your advertising investment.


The real tragedy is when someone with limited resources fails to get the proper results and gives up on the web as being a valuable resource for their company.  Hire an independent PPC professional; you get better results faster and it saves you money.


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