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Why You Need A Wedding Videographer

Written by: Bruce Karcher | February 19, 2012 7:00 PM in Wedding Services | 690 views | Tags: Wedding Videography , Wedding Videos , Wedding Videographer

If A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words, then Your Video is Worth a Million

Your wedding day memories will quickly become a blurr.  Nothing can replace your wedding photos, but a video allows you to re-live the day in a way a picture never can by bringing back the voices, music and laugher.   Here's how:

  • Covers all the activities of your wedding day from getting ready to your exit and all the times in between.  Those great conversations and those subtle expresssions are captured for you in a timeless way.
  • Captures the expression of your groom when he sees you for the first time in that beautiful dress.
  • Records your vows so you can recite them again and again and remember them by heart.
  • Retells all the special events of the day and incorporates your music selections into a memorable story. 
  • Creates a virtual "Congratulatory Journal" through interviews with guests and family at the reception.
  • Gives everyone a front row seat to all the action on DVDs you can easily share with those who were not able to be there.

Memories fade fast.  Think of your wedding video as an investment not a mere expense item on your wedding budget.  Take the time to interview videographers carefully before making any decision.  Ask to see their work and an actual DVD sample if possible to be sure their style of vidoegraphy is what you have in mind.



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