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Michael Antares
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What are the best inspirational websites for aspiring / professional photographers?

in Photographers Tags: photography, inspiration

I'm familiar with 500px, and the usual gallery websitse (Flickr et. al), but I'm looking for some truly inspirational websites, including famous photographers' work, or other inspirational websites. All leads welcome.

3 years ago

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DJ Ross
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I have always enjoyed and been inspired myself by Peter Lik's work. His website is: www.peterlik.com Best of luck!

3 years ago
keith Carter
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I love my website.

Of Course, my best work is not on it...but the last page is fun.

OOOPs! This is self grandising isn't it...oh well...I still like it....let me know what you think.

3 years ago
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@Keith Carter - Your photography is great! Your web site is a mess. Once inside, the background is distracting and the site is not very focused which makes navigation difficult. Sorry, but you did ask for feedback.

3 years ago
Ty Swartz
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I used to design and host my own website until I found MorePhotos. They offer a great service and for a monthly price that is affordable. I have integrated my new blog, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other items that are easy to change and keep people coming back. Since changing the too MorePhotos I have tripled my daily views and quadrupled people following on Facebook. I don't offer everything on the Website but if they visit Facebook and follow on Twitter than they get random deals that seem to work.


2 years ago
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I have been a member of Pixtus for a while now. There is a collective of photographers with varying styles and skills. I find a lot of inspiration in their works. www.pixtus.com

2 years ago