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Magana Dar...
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Power outage only in certain rooms?

"There's something wrong with the power... One day I turned the upstairs bathroom lights on and the lights flickered and all of a sudden the power stopped working in the bathroom AND the computer room next to it.. But every other room upstairs still has power. My dad flicked a few power switches and it fixed the problem but today the power went out again in the same rooms..


How can we fix this problem permanently??"

3 years ago

3 Answers

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Hello, well it seems like you have a short in a wire in the house this is very not safe and can causes a fire for sure. I would not use the power in the rooms and get it fixed soon. If you want turn off the power at the panel and take the cover plates off and check the wires for anything brown looking like it been hot and make sure the wires are tight.

3 years ago
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You might want to check in the switch box itself as it might also be used as a junction box and the wires might be loose even if using wire nuts or burnt out wires. Be sure to turn off the power at the panel for that circuit.Both the hot(black) and the Neutral (white) must be wired up tight and secure, or the circuit will not be complete.

3 years ago
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The breaker is tripped.

3 years ago