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How to fix nikon coolpix lens error?

When I turn on my camera the lens goes half way out then back in and it does this a few times then says "lens error". But every time it goes back in and out i hear a click noise. So could anyone help me through this?

3 years ago

2 Answers

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To be to the point, your lens is broken. Any camera with a telescoping lens is fundamentally weak. Working in a camera stor, it represents almost 80% of the problems I see in compact point and shoot cameras.

Typically, the lens is damaged due to being activated in the pocket or a case. The motor that moves the lens mechanism is weak and the force against the lens from your pocket pushes the lens back when it's trying to extend. Also, the lens takes bumps as it is used and that also damages the mechanism. The parts are usually softer plastics and not meant to take the abuse.

Now, for the worst part. Since these cameras are usually integrated parts that are not separate systems that are easily replacable and the product cycle is so short, repair is extremely expensive. Many times it is cheaper to just buy a new camera. You'd be looking at close to $200 to fix a basic les error.

3 years ago
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Yep, sorry. Rhaick is absolutely right.

The only thing I can suggest is try taking out the batteries and then replacing them. This MIGHT be a temporary fix, but once Nikons start doing this with weak batteries, they are on their way out.

I've had 3 Nikon CoolPix over the last 10 years and this is how they all died.

3 years ago