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How to clean my dull, streaky laminate flooring?

I have laminate flooring and in trying to clean it, I have left it dull and full of streaks. I have made countless attempts to restore it with no results. Does anybody have any advise for me?

3 years ago

1 Answers

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Streaking on laminate floors is usually due to using dirty mop water with a dirty mop. Sometimes it is because of the cleaner you are using too.

Do you have wood-laminate or other laminate flooring?

Without seeing what you are using, the best advice I can give is to change your mop or mop head. I hate those flat mops. For a good mop that is cheap, Libman makes a Wonder Mop that has microfiber strips. You can get a Wonder Mop for around $10 - $15. You can wash and re-use the mop head or just buy replacements. (The mop I most prefer is not the Libman, but I use Libman in a pinch. My favorite mop a Spin Mop, but it costs about $40.)

Also, you really need to use clean mop water. If you are mopping and see your water turning brown or black, you need to stop and change your mop water. Keep doing this until the water runs clean after you mop.

Don't use a sudsy cleaner on your floors. That stuff always streaks. I always use the Method Lemon-Ginger floor cleaner for non-wood laminate floors. For wood laminate floors, use Method's Almond Wood Floor Cleaner.

Good luck. Feel free to contact me with any other questions: crystalcleanllc@hotmail.com.

3 years ago