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How much does a personal chef cost? I am particularly interested in cost for the greater Los Angeles areas. Thank you.

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4 years ago

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Glen Kinnaird
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Hi there, When I design events for clients in their home, chefs and catering usually costs between $40 per hour to $110 per hour for professional celebrity chefs. Some catering services will charge you a per person rate of $25 to $80 per person depending on the menu.

Have a great event!


4 years ago
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A personal chef can be expensive. Depends if you want one full time or just for an event. Your best options for a reasonable cost would to hire a chef in training for your event. Usually you can find them by calling a Culinary Art School. If you would like one full time place an ad like craigslist and put the amount you are willing to pay for them. You can usually find someone that is reasonable. If you are offering housing also then you may get them for cheaper.

4 years ago
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Average rate for personal chef for your area is $20-$30 per entree per person--for immediate preparation and meals or to have them prepared ahead and frozen for use at your convenience

4 years ago
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I'm in Seattle and charge $35/hr for planning, shopping, cooking and cleanup. The preliminary client meeting to discuss favorites, dislikes, allergies, religious considerations etc. is free (I plan for an hour for that.)

Hope that helps.


4 years ago
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8 months ago
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Hi, I was a personal chef in 2005, I am starting up again in Florida, I charged $15 per meal for a minimum of 20 meals, for family of 4. Now I will make it easier on my pricing charging $25.00 per hour plus food cost, and that includes shopping. Before I had to keep my food cost at 30% to make a living, around 210.00 for 8 hrs. A private chef is a Different mater I would suggest someone with less experience who may work for $15.00 per hour.

5 months ago