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Flowers I can submerge for centerpieces

"I'm getting married on a lake, so I'm trying to stick with the whole water theme. I am renting 20"" square vases and getting river rock to go in the bottom. I like the idea of completely submerging flowers in water to the top. So far I have experimented with a Phalaenopsis orchid, and it looks beautiful. However they are $5-10 each and I'm wondering if there are cheaper alternatives!
Anyone know of good flowers that could be submerged, that come in white? I'm getting married in July and thought about tulips, but they won't be blooming anymore :( "

3 years ago

3 Answers

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Orchids would be beautiful submerged.

3 years ago
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Try Gardenia, small cluster of roses, use a pin frog on the bottom to hold flowers down. You could try a white spider mum. Myself I have used roses, orchids, Iris.

3 years ago
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I have done this with plastic magnolias. No kidding they looked sensational. I bought them at a wholesale house however I did see the same ones at Micheals and other discount craft stores.
What makes them work so well is the plastic can be stuck to the rock with the green 3m putty, the magnolias were large enough to fill the vase and the glossy finish fooled everyone into thinking they were real.

3 years ago