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Can an update of java, ruin a computer?

I have a brand new compaq pasario laptop with norton virus protection and the hp adivisor. Recently, I recieved an update at the bottom right hand corner of the screen. It was one of those updates that pop up on the start menu that says, "theres an update available." Well, there was an update for java, and when I went to download it, my norton antivirus told me that the update needed to access my hard drive and do I trust the update. I said yes and the update was downloaded. For some reason I think that it could have been a virus, worm, or some type of malware. Nothing has showed up in my virus scan, but im still worried. Also, because I was looking at some porn, could it have somehow put that update on my computer to infect it?

3 years ago

1 Answers

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Java has constant updates...sometimes they happen a few times a week. If you are unsure if the update was really Java, try to remember what the icon looked like down on the right. The Java update icon is an orange square with a coffee cup in the middle, and during the update process, it shows you ads for things like OpenOffice and tells you what other devices Java is used in. If thats what happened, then it was most likely a real update and there is nothing to be worried about. If you still want to be sure theres no infection, try using another antivirus just to verify Norton's findings. You can use any of the popular free ones, such as MalwareBytes, AVG, or Microsoft Security Essentials. If you go this route, just be sure to remove the antivirus program afterwards...when you have more than 1 on the computer, they don't play well together and other issues could occur.

3 years ago