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Written by: Cleaning NYC | July 25, 2012 9:12 PM in Cleaning Services & Maids | 1152 views | Tags: House Cleaning , Home Cleaning service , Maid services

Considering all the mopping, dusting, swabbing, scrubbing and scouring involved, cleaning a house can be real drudgery.
Fortunately for you, many NYC metro area cleaning services boast a spotless record of reliability when it comes to their services, dusting furniture, scrubbing kitchen floors and scouring bathroom tubs, sinks and toilets. For an added fee, some will also undertake such "deep cleaning" chores as washing mini-blinds, scouring ovens and cleaning baseboards.
And there's more good news. Hiring a maid service to clean up doesn't have to clean you out. Most services charge no more than $55 to $75 to clean a three-bedroom, two-bath home.
When shopping for a maid service, first check whether the service is insured, if not, your home owner insurance should be enough to cover any accidents.
Next, inquire if it's the company's policy to send the same maid or team of cleaners each time your home is serviced. Forging an ongoing relationship with a maid generally results in superior work, said Alexandra from Alexandra’s Cleaning Services NYC
"People want things done a certain way," he said. "If the same people come to your house over and over again, they get to know what you want and how the house should be cleaned."
Also ask about the ownership of the service.
It's really important that the business be owner-managed. "That type of business is not going to be fly-by-night, and it's not going to hire fly-by-night people."
Alexandra also recommends obtaining referrals. For privacy reasons, many maid services won't give out the names and phone numbers of residential clients, but frequently will refer a prospective customer to business clients for comments on its performance.
Finally, while home-based maid services can be dependable, for maximum professionalism confine your search to services have a number you can actually reach them, "You want to be able to reach the company on the phone during the day."
"The difference between us and some other companies is that we do the floors by hand, on our knees," said Alexandra, We're very thorough."

We try to keep our maids for a long time,. "They're as good as gold. Our maid list is as valuable to us as our client list."

Finaly, do some price shopping, the cheaper the service is it maybe cheaper for a reason. Usualy if their rates are within range of commpetition you know you should expect a similar value. cheaper is not always better.

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