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1220 Wing Point Way NE Seattle , WA , United States 98144
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Patricia Anahata Little

1220 Wing Point Way NE Seattle , WA 98144

Conveniently located in Bainbridge Island and Seattle. The BI office at 1220 Wing Point Way NE is less than 1 mile from the ferry terminal. The Seattle office is downtown in the beautiful Securities Building just across the street from Macy's at 1904 Third Avenue Suite 1014

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Therapeutic Massage, Sports Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Injury Recovery Massage, Stress and Anxiety Relief, Relaxation, Aromatherapy, Flower Essences, Chiropractic alternative. Preferred Insurance Provider: Regence, Cigna, First Choice, PIP Auto Accident Claims. See client reviews here:
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Work Injury, Whiplash, Weight Gain / Create Weight Loss Programs, Walk/Run Injury Prevention, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, TMJ Dysfunction, Stress, Spinal Trauma / Spine, Spinal Conditions, Sinusitis, Shoulder Pain, Women's Health, Painful Joints, Digestive Disorders, Dizziness, Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat Disorders, Fibromyalgia, Injury & Surgery Rehabilitation , Insomnia, Low Immunity, Frequent Colds, Menstrual Problems, PMS, Menopause, Migraines & Headaches, Neck Pain / Back Pain / Lower Back Pain / Upper Back Pain, Numbness in Arms & Legs, Restless Leg Syndrome, Pulled/Strained Muscles, Patellofemoral Syndrome, Pelvic Pain, Pinched Nerves, Plantar Fasciitis, Post-Operative Hip Rehabilitation, Post-Operative Knee Rehabilitation, Post-Operative Shoulder, Post-Operative Spinal Rehabilitation, Depression, Crohn's Disease , ADD & ADHD, Accelerated ACL Reconstruction, Achilles Tendon Repair, Achilles/Posterial Tibial Tendonitis, Ankle Sprain/Instability, Anxiety, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Chronic Conditions, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Constipation, Rheumatoid Arthritis
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Deep Muscle Massage, Deep Tissue Massage Therapist, Full Body Massage Therapists, Injury Massage Therapists, Medical Massage Therapists, Myofascial Release Massage Therapy, Neuromuscular Therapy, Pregnancy Massage Therapy / Therapist, Relaxation Massage Therapists, Shoulder Massage Therapists, CranioSacral (SM) Massage, Back Massage Therapists, Structural Muscular Balancing, Trigger Point Massage Therapy, Trager Approach Massage, Swedish Massage Therapist, Sports Massage Therapist
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Therapeutic Medical Massage Pay At Service

60 minutes


Medically necessary for pain relief or to heal injuries. Prescription not required for payment at time of service.

Therapeutic Medical Massage--Insurance Pay

60 minutes

As per Insurance Reimbursement

Services billed to your health insurance. You must have a referral for massage therapy from your doctor for this service. Treatment includes heat / ice therapy when appropriate, therapeutic exercise, and appropriate hands on manual therapy to heal soft tissue, restore function, and re-establish vitality.

Therapeutic Massage

60 minutes


The "TUNE UP". Stay in optimal condition with regular therapeutic massage therapy. Aches and pains are NOT normal. Structural and functional dysfunction [causing your aches and pains] is assessed based on your symtoms and referral patterns.. Anahata goes for the SOURCE and realigns your body in relationship to all of its parts so you experience the ease and flow of movement your body was designed to experience.

Therapeutic Massage

90 minutes


"TUNE UP" optimally with 90 minutes of expert massage care. More time, more thorough. Stay in optimal condition with regular therapeutic massage therapy. Aches and pains are NOT normal. Structural and functional dysfunction [causing your aches and pains] is assessed based on your symtoms and referral patterns.. Anahata goes for the SOURCE and realigns your body in relationship to all of its parts so you experience the ease and flow of movement your body was designed to experience.

Therapeutic Massage PACKAGE

5 massages


Save $50.00 and buy a PACKAGE of 5 outstanding 60 minute TUNE UP massages. Paid In FULL at the first massage. A Package of 5 - 90 minute massages is $550.00.


1 or a Package


Buy the GIFT OF HEALTH. Gift Certificates can be purchased one at a time or as a package for 60 and 90 minute massages described here.

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My son tells me this all the time. It is the most important award I could ever receive.


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Maui The Wonderdog

Maui is a healing animal. He started in my practice when he was 10 weeks old insisting on laying near the table. Nine years later, he is at the door greeting each client with a warm welcome. His mission is to love and to heal and that love has been returned to him by the clients for nine years. See my photos for a picture of Maui.

Testimonials & Press Releases



K. Van Cleave. Architect

“Anahata is far and away the best "body worker" I have ever had. I don't refer to her as "masseuse" or "massage therapist" because her work is much more healing than that. Her physical style of manual therapy with me has set the benchmark in which I measure other practitioners. To date, I have not been able to find a practitioner who has worked the kinks out of my body as well as Anahata. A+. Truly amazing.”

J. Jaseau. Musician

“Anahata has truly healing hands. I had been in pain every day for several years but when I started going to Anahata, I was pain free for 3-4 months! My body misses her work now that I have moved away. Anahata is a solid and nurturing woman, and she will be very straight forward with the reality of a condition, yet she has useful tools to deal with any issue in the body. Anahata brought me back to health and taught me how to be in better balance with my body.”

M. Mottley, Film Producer

“I have had the good fortune and pleasure to have known and worked with Anahata professionally for over 13 years. Anahata, is the most committed, proficient and dedicated person I know to her work. I can only recommend with the highest accolades.”

E. Bridges. Optician

"I've had pain from scoliosis since birth--50 years of chronic pain. Anahata is the ONLY therapist that ELIMINATED my day to day chronic pain. GONE!"

H. Bright

I discovered Anahata [Patricia Little, LMP] after having a cervical fusion. I had opted for surgery after suffering from a severe herniated disk for six months. My surgeon had just cleared me for light activity and prescribed massage and physical therapy to aid my recovery. Anahata spent a great deal of time discussing my medical history before even touching my body. She took the severity of my injury with the utmost seriousness and insisted on fully understanding my situation so she could administer the correct techniques to help me heal. After our first session my range of motion was greatly increased, my pain was diminished and my scar was noticeably improved. She also takes the time to explain what she is doing and what I can do at home

M. Arhens

I'm a bus driver and spend hours in a seated position, which causes a lot of strain in my neck, back, hips, and legs. I managed with the pain for years, but in the last 6 years is when it became chronic. I've seen several massage therapists during this time, but I only got temporary relief and quickly the pain returned. I was referred by my last therapist to Anahata. The first couple sessions with her was really intense, but each time I felt better and better. I started to regain mobility throughout my body. The intensity of my pain has greatly diminished. And I started to felt like my old self.

K. Perry

What I most appreciate about Anahata's therapeutic massage is that she uses a variety of techniques in her treatment and that she adjusts her technique to address specific issues in my body. She has an excellent understanding of bio mechanics and she is ready with both immediate treatment and ideas for exercises and stretching. Anahata also uses a unique method of rolling and stretching that gets a good release and that complements traditional deep tissue work. Highly recommended!

S. Devann

My whole family has been lucky enough to receive Anahata's amazing skills as a therapeutic massage therapist. She is incredible for any kind of therapeutic release work and gives a great massage that will make you smile from within. She has relieved me of hip pain, helped my dancing daughters have better alignment and turn out and provided my husband with overall relaxation and tension relief. She is highly knowledgeable, caring and has a healing touch. Definitely at the top of our list for massage therapy/body work.

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Insurance Accepted
Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, First Choice Health PPO Network, Mediversal, Premera Blue Cross, REGENCE, United Health Care, Uniform Medical Plan
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Master Card, Bill Insurance, Cash, VISA

Patricia Anahata Little