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How To Eat Wolfberry Can Be More Nutritious?

Written by: jamesmith-smith247 | April 26, 2012 2:43 AM in Health & Beauty | 2436 views | Tags: food additives , wolfberry

The wolfberry throughout the year can take, it has entered the health food of millions of households. Eat a variety of wolfberry but how to eat before there are results? Chinese medicine, remind, only long-term use will be effective regardless of how eating the medlar. We take a look at the experts how to say!

Of sweet peace of the wolfberry, Chinese medicine believes that both are better able to nourish liver and kidney, benefits shrewd head and nourishing, but also to enhance peoples immunity. The wolfberry inside is rich in carotene and vitamins, they are better able to prevent heart disease and cancer.

For modern people, the wolfberry is the most practical efficacy of anti-fatigue and lower blood pressure. Wolfberry also better able to protect liver, lowering blood sugar, soften blood vessels, reducing blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels, fatty liver and diabetes also have a certain effect. The wolfberry increasingly welcomed by the people.

Wolfberry can be divided into three parts, medlar leaves can be used to soak the wolfberry tea "drink" medlar "of the red fruit can be used for cooking or tea; wolfberry root called" Digupi, it is generally when for medicinal use. So the wolfberry how to eat to be valid, and are described below:

Medlar join in the cooking time to pay attention to food additives the cooking method. The cooking wolfberry time not too long, should be placed in the stir-fry or soup ending when wolfberry, so you can prevent the loss of a large number of nutrients, wolfberry more suitable for tea or do a cold dish of accessories to eat. Wolfberry would be inappropriate for a long time cleaning, a long time to clean, they would make it inside the loss of nutrients, it is recommended to wash in warm water a little can.

The effect of the wolfberry warm body is very strong, with high blood pressure, too impatient temperament, high intake of meat in the diet will lead to a sinister red light is best not to eat. Are fever, body inflammation, diarrhea, such as accident and emergency patients during the incubation period is not Yichi.

Most suitable to eat wolfberry physical weakness, poor resistance of the population, but be sure to eat a little, long-term adherence to eating, only long-term use will be effective. Any supplements are not to eat too much, wolfberry is no exception, in general, healthy adults eat about 20 grams of wolfberry is more appropriate.

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